1. Login or Register

2. Choose delicious menu items.

Click on words not pictures.

3. Select delivery date

4. Confirm your order and payment

5. Relax while we do the rest

How it works

At the moment the van is not operating. We will be back as school goes back in late January. In the meantime if you need chilled meals then drop us a line. We will be happy to help.

Register your location

If your school or workplace is not on our current list of locations, you can send us a message and ask us to add them in.  Once that has happened you will be able to order from us.  We review our locations regularly and if there are not enough deliveries to a given place then we may remove them.

We are more than happy to deliver to locations within the greater New Plymouth area.

1. Register

Register yourself or one or more children to confirm where lunch will be delivered. We require your contact telephone number and email address to send order and payment confirmations. For children we need a school and class, for offices a business name. 

2. Choose Menu Items to Make Lunchbox

Browse our menu items online every term and select the items you would like.  You are able to custom make a sandwich, wrap, roll & salad or you can select from the items that we have on offer.

It is our aim that lunch will be affordable and nutritious as well as tasting great. Most main items are priced at around $5, and smaller items are $3 or less.

There is more detailed information on our ordering page.

3. Select a delivery date

You can order one lunch, or multiple lunches in advance if you wish. Ordering is available up until 8:00am on the day of delivery.

Lunches are delivered directly to your office reception or school in hygienic containers, labelled with you or your children's details. 

4. Confirm your order and payment

Payment is made using a wallet system, or PayPal.

You can top up your wallet (after creating an account) using PayPal, a secure banking gateway, accepting Debit card, Visa and MasterCard. Or you may simply pay for your order at the time using PayPal.

We will then generate an email confirming your order and payment. 

5. Relax while we do the rest

Cancellation policy

Orders can be cancelled until 9.00am on the day of delivery.

Log in to our site and click on 'My account' to view the 'Orders' and select cancel on the meal you wish to cancel.

You will be advised that you have cancelled the order and receive an email confirmation.  Once processed, the value of the order will be credited to your wallet.

Cancellations are only possible until 9.00am on the day, after this time the order will be delivered to school and available for collection.



We use as little packaging as possible, favouring paper-based recyclable products over plastic products.   However, for some items clear wrap is the most hygienic way to ensure that your lunch is kept safe. 

At the moment, the clear plastic salad containers we use are 100% recyclable and this is the best option we have.  There are cardboard based products around but at present most have a wax coating which makes them non-recyclable.  We will continue to monitor new products as they become available as we are aware of our environmental impact and want to be as environmentally friendly as we can.

We are currently making the change to bamboo cutlery for items that require it.

Meals are created to be eaten with minimum fuss. 

Cutlery (where needed) and napkins are supplied with the meal.

Frequently asked questions

Start by registering with us. This is very quick, and you only do it once. Each time you wish to order, select the items that you would like. Select day or days required and click “proceed to check out” button. This takes you to a check out page where you have the option of paying using your wallet (if it is in credit) or PayPal. Once you have paid, you will receive an email confirming the order.