About us

Welcome to Cruizin' Cuizine, a company making wonderful food. We make a range of chilled meals and desserts, both family size as well as single portions. In addition, if you need catering for either meetings or dinners then get in touch and we can help deliver wiindeerful food to your occasion. 

Our mission is to provide healthy food options at an affordable price to families around the New Plymouth area. 

Sometimes we just cannot be there for someone we love so we can help by stepping in and delivering yummy food to meet their needs. It might be after the happy arrival of a baby or sad bereavement that a meal is appreciated. There are so many other times when people appreciate delicious food.

People also love to arrive dessert in hand or with a yummy dinner that just needs to be reheated when you arrive somewhere for the first night. So great to arrive and not immediately need to head to a supermarket.

Cruizin' Cuizine is an online delivery service. We can help a litte or a lot depending on your need. 

 We offer a user-friendly service: creating, preparing packing and delivering high-quality meals, desserts or catering at an affordable price. Here at Cruizin' Cuizine we take pride in preparing delicious food sent to you chilled and ready to eat.

Log in, select from our tailored menu, pay using your Cruizin' Cuizine account and great food is delivered to your door. Or a friends door!

Last minute order?

We need 24 hours to prepare your order and ensure that it is delivered fresh, chilled and delicious.  Cancellations can be made up until 8.00 am the day before delivery is due.

Many of our meals can be frozen so if you have ordered too much it can be frozen for use within 3 months.

Please note:

Our products may contain egg, milk, oats, rye, soy and wheat products.

We take great care in the preparation of our products however due to the nature of processing, trace amounts of sesame and nuts may be present in some of our products.

Our food

We are committed to providing freshly prepared meals with the highest care, quality ingredients, and home style cooking using:

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Minimal added salt

High quality bread products

Lean meats